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How Sales Leaders Can Use Big Data to Improve Efficiencies and Increase Revenue

Every B2B sales leader wants to focus their team’s efforts on prospects who are ready to buy. After all, why waste valuable time on people who are...

Cognism receives investment from Swiss, Chinese, UK and SE European investors

Swiss based Netcetera leads investment in Cognism, UK based start-up with international team from UK, Switzerland, Macedonia and Croatia. Other...

Triggers Get Results

A Study on Psychological and Sales Triggers


Less Time Prospecting, More Time Closing

How the Latest Innovations Are Changing Sales


Natural Language Processing Is Re-Writing The Sales Book

Learn More From Your Leads Than Ever Before


Supercharge Your Sales With AI Technology

Spend Less Time Chasing Leads and More Time Closing Sales

The Value Of Premium News Services

The importance of understanding the value of your product

Taking Advantage Of Sales Triggers For Timely Sales Pitches

Ensure you have the right information and use it in the right way


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